Daily wagers unable to get their salary

After the cases of Corona Virus, educational institutes are closed off due to certain policies but the same cannot be said about the daily wager laborers because there is no policy that has been started by the government. In this case, many institutions have announced that they will not give laborers for their salary for two months. Now, hundreds of laborers will be unable to get their salary for two months. According to details, just because of the ignorance of the government many of the laborers will be unable to even eat. Even though the government has closed down the educational institutions, they are yet to release a policy about daily wagers and laborers and that is why many of the institutes decided while others have decided to appeal to the education department. In colleges, after getting the salary of this month, daily wagers will be unable to get the salary for the subsequent two. Many people from the city have individually tried to fight against this but all in vain.


Daily wagers are saying how would they spend the subsequent months with no money and resources. If they are unable to get their salary then it will become a chore for them to run their houses. They say that they are ready for work. The government on one side is giving food supplies to the poor while on the other, they are shutting down the stoves of our houses. We appeal to the government to do something about this situation. On the other hand, colleges are saying that even if we give them their salaries then later, the overlords will disagree and cause trouble.


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