Cut down of Facilities for School Students

Lahore: The Private Schools has cut down the facilities provided to students amid the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had earlier ordered all the private schools to reduce the fee by 20 percent. it was also ordered to return this percentage of the fee received from the parents in summer 2018. However, all the private schools were asked to submit audit reports as well. Currently, the parents associated have reported that only 2 out of 22 private schools have implemented the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The parents have recently complained about the reduction of facilities for students after the reduction of fee. Although the schools have reduced fee it has also reduced the facilities provided to the students. The students are now not provided with stationery at schools. Moreover, the extracurricular activities and personality building programs have been abolished. The schools have also started downsizing the staff of schools.

The Private Schools association has claimed that mostly all private schools have reduced the fee as per the orders of the Supreme Court. However, he also told media that the private schools do not earn 28 percent profit from the schools and it is a misperception. Furthermore, he said shifting of schools to commercial areas have also increased its expenditures. He clarified that schools are only earning 10 percent profit.

All the private schools are given a deadline of 12 February 2019 by the Governments Department of Schools Education to implement on the Court’s orders

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