CPEC Summit in Air University

Islamabad: CPEC career summit is to be held on 15 November 2018 by the Air University. The summit is held in collaboration with Obortunity and BrightSpyre at the maon campus of Air University in Islamabad. It is the first ever summit of its kind.

The summit aims to explore new career and job opportunities, strengthening and developing academic and industrial liaison with China in accordance with CPEC project. Mukhdum Khusru Bakhtyar, the Federal Minister for Planning, Developing and Reforms and Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing and other salient personalities are invited to attend the summit. The experts are asked to share their worthy remarks regarding the issues under concern.

The Vice Chancellor of University Faaiz Amir stated in the invitation that the second phase of CPEC known as Industrial Cooperation is about to take shape, the university understand the importance of new emerging opportunities for the youth. He added  that Youth must play an active role to become part of the mega project of CPEC.

In the summit , numerous high level official concern organizations and stake holders will take part.

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