Court orders private schools not to expel students

The entire world remains in a standstill position with jobs, food and money going away. In order to move the wheel of one’s own life, the need of finances is a key, hence, all the private schools are anxiously demanding fee from parents. However, the parents who are unable to pay the pending fee are being threatened that non-payment of fee will result in expelling of their children from the school. Sindh government took this case into the court of law and Sindh High Court (SHC) has grilled all private schools in court by saying that no school will be able to expel the students in these times of crisis.

If any of the private schools takes such an action, provincial government is bound to take a strict action against it and treat it as a violation of court. SHC said that we shall collectively help people as due to no economic activity, the personal funds are dried up. Previously, SHC also dismissed the petition by Private Schools against the Sindh government in which they were advised to reduce their fees by 20%.


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