Coronavirus (COVID-19) : Guidelines for educational institutes by HEC Pakistan

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan announce further guidelines for educational institutes after the government decision, during the closure.

These guidelines and instructions are come after all the educational institutes, schools, colleges, madrasas, universities, academies or similar entities were order to closed from 26th November 2020 to 24th December 2020.

Guidelines for educational institutes by HEC Pakistan

The government highlighted that all the institutes should continue their education through online resources to all the candidates.

According to HEC notification regarding guidelines, “Academic institutions are scheduled to open on January 11, 2021. However, a review meeting will be held in this regard during the first week of January 2021 to assess the situation, and authorise the opening of academic institutions.”

Universities vice chancellors are said by the HEC to given permission to the following student to come campus,

  • Low income student who are not able to get them connect with institutes via online.
  • Students from abroad
  • PhD and MPhil students, who are near to complete degree and needs universities laboratories, libraries and other resources of campus.
  • Medical students who are in third or final year and needs clinical training.
  • Teachers who need to come university for recording the lectures.

The HEC repeated, “The above flexibility is to be exercised most judiciously, and only if the campus presence of the said individuals is absolutely necessary”.


HEC said, all the students are not allowed to enter the campus but only 30% of the total enrollment.

“Universities will clearly announce their policy on which category is allowed on campus and at what time and with what scrutiny mechanisms or safeguards,” HEC added.

The statement said, “HEC has released an amount of Rs10 million each to public sector universities to help them establish any supportive arrangements needed to improve the quality of the online education process”.

HEC suggested that to recruit seniors, tech-savvy aspirants to support faculty member in technology associated issues for the online education and training.

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