Composite Exams to be conducted next year

Punjab and Sindh government has now made their due announcements which were earlier raised by KP government. It is to be noted that all exams of 10th class were conducted successfully by all the educational boards of the country and therefore, Raja Yasir Hamayon, Higher Education Minister has announced that all 10th class papers will be marked. Although, there are certain recommendations of conducting composite exams in next year. The actual issue highlighted by nine educational boards of Punjab was of 12th class exams as few of the students have to sit in the supplementary examination while most of them have to get admissions in engineering and medical universities.

Higher Education Minister said that all the universities are advised by HEC to give admissions based on 11th class results, although, certain other recommendations are also in consideration. One of the suggestions being put forward is that students who were failed in any two subjects will be given grace marks and shall be passed on a whole. Students will be provided with an option to agree or disagree, students who will disagree with this suggestion will then have to wait for the next year to sit in the composite exams. However, Sindh Government also announced in a press briefing that all the students till 8th grade shall be promoted by schools into next grades without any examination but the decisions of higher classes including 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th shall be made after final decision of Federal Ministry of Education.


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