Competency Based Framework launched by HEC for all Higher Education Institutes

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has planned serious improvements to be brought into the education system, therefore, they conducted extensive research with involving all the stakeholders. A total of 143 universities and over 1,000 intellectuals were consulted and finally, HEC has decided to introduce competency based education in all higher education institutes. Chairman HEC said that this innovation will go a long way in revamping the curriculum of all educational programs.

Competency based education includes education syllabi having a combination of knowledge, skills, behavior and interpersonal characteristics which enables students to succeed in their future careers. The universities that were involved in consultations belonged from all four provinces including AJK and GB. Intellectual who took part in the consultation were Vice Chancellors, Rectors, Faculty Members, Principals, Secretaries and some of the officials of higher education department. Some of the key aspects of the new educational system is to introduce a revamped curriculum, practical experience being made mandatory, and making possibility of switching degree and programs.


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