CM of Baluchistan Urges Teachers to Enhance Standard Education

Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Jam Kamal Khan said on Friday, September 07, 2018, about the positive change in an educational system of Baluchistan on the eve of International Literacy Day. In addition, Kamal ascribed the current situation of Baluchistan is still underneath in an education system, chairing a session at the Chief Minister Secretariat.   

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Kamal urged the teachers to perform their duties sincerely, saying that they should be honest toward their professions. He represented his optimistic approach while giving the cordial message on the International Literacy Day. Moreover, he further announced the Jashan-e-Ziarat Festival, would be held from June 2019.

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Ziarat is a prominent tourism spot in Baluchistan and the festival will be celebrated in June due to the lack of facilities. Jam Kamal Khan also addressed on Friday that the provincial government should provide fresh sports and cultural activities to the students of Pakistan, appreciating the hidden talent of Balouch Community.    

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