Chinese Group Offers to Organize Vocational Varsity in Pakistan

China has offered to set up a vocational university in Pakistan under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on October 01, 2018. In addition, China’s St Fulin Group has decided to set a vocational institution for the best training of labor projects under the economic concerns.

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China is the best in the world for the vocational education while developing its skills from Germany and Japan. The Chinese government is increasing a lot of training opportunities for Pakistani students. Furthermore, China’s St Fulin Group has been ready to participate in the huge labor projects for the progress of reciprocal (Pakistan and China) businesses concerns.

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This sort of training would increase an efficiency of hands for the development of the China-Pak developing projects.

St Fulin Group CPO, Scarlet said that Pakistan is the country of 200 million people and the mediocre class would fulfill their desires through the best framework of CPEC. She further added that Pakistan and China are busy to stand for the establishment of marvelous infrastructure through demands of skills.  While speaking, she addressed that a greater number of vocational institutes will be developed under the permission of the Chinese Education Ministry.

Moreover, Scarlet, CPO of St Fulin Group informed about the willingness of the Chinese government to cooperate in water purification and bringing the entire tools of CNG machinery hub into the Pakistan business market.

The vocational institutions will donate all the training equipment and heavy machinery to Pakistan and its diligent youth for the brighter future.      

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