Change in the Admission Policy of NED University

All the aspects of life are being damaged due to the novel Corona Virus and education sector is of no difference. One of the top universities of Sindh, NED University of Engineering and Technology is among the first of many that had major changes to its admission policy. The university for the very first time has decided to admit students based on the 1st year results in intermediate. Earlier, NED’s management had given an 8.33% weightage to the entry tests and 91.67% to the intermediate results. However, the merit has been changed and now the entrance test and 1st year results have same weightage with 50% each.

The academic year will start in October this year and NED University has notified all the young engineers and technology specialists. In order to test the NED University’s entrance test system, the qualification marks have also been raised with the syllabi grounded on the intermediate classes majorly. The students will attempt the entrance test after filling in an admission form in which they will be required to provide the details of 1st year exams. All the students will be required to have at least 60% marks in 1st year. Nevertheless, NED University has added 40 more seats which indicates that there will be 2,682 seats in total for the youth of country.

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