Chairman HEC to face tough times ahead


Few of the academic staff members of some of the universities have shown their concerns against the sitting Chairman of Higher Education Commission (HEC). Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Associations (FAPUASA) have taken these concerns seriously and are now planning for a protest. FAPUASA will now stage a protest in front of the Head Office of HEC in Islamabad. The dates for protest were yet to be finalized but it has been decided that right after the Eid Holidays, Chairman HEC would have to face the music.

Protestors will include teachers from various universities across the country and they will possibly demand a resignation from Chairman HEC. This protest is being planned and will be executed because they think that policies of Chairman HEC are damaging the educational landscape of the country. Recent decisions taken by HEC under the leadership of sitting Chairman have been termed as anti-education. FAPUASA has also issued an official statement in which the protest was also mentioned categorically. FAPUASA’s senior leadership conducted an online meeting in which the way forward was decided.

Another demand of FAPUASA is regarding the honoring of agreement for Uniform Model Universities Act. Likewise, the charter of demands includes the issuance of ante-date appointment notification on immediate basis. Furthermore, only VCs are given an outright authority for chairing the meetings, whereas, academic staff shall also be included for an adequate representation of the university. Furthermore, some of the members in association have also floated the idea of demanding the opening of institutes under strict SOPs.

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