Caretaker Governor Orders to Investigate an Incredible Incident at Agriculture University Peshawar

The caretaker Governor of KPK, Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani took notice on Monday, August 27, 2018, for the previous incident at the Agricultural University Peshawar where the University’s administration officer allegedly misbehaved with a student, pointing a gun at his face.

Harassing teacher fired

The administrative officer of Agriculture University Peshawar physically abused a student, firing substandard language and cheap words. He held a pistol at the destitute student and circulated it onto the other students who were the witnesses of this poor incident.  

Does Law prevent students from sexual harassment?


The entire corpus of institute disapproved this substandard incident. This was an incredible situation for the educational institutions of KPK. The Caretaker Governor has ordered to investigate the uncover facts into the incident.  He ordered to probe an entire figure for the righteous justice.


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