Career Karwan launches an interview series to celebrate the independence of Pakistan

Independence Day is the biggest celebration of the year as all the nation unites to celebrate the highly cherished day of freedom. The celebration of independence has begun at the office of Career Karwan since the beginning of the month of August.

Career Karwan has launched an interview series in which famous personalities from all walks life will share their views and experiences regarding the day of independence. Talented team of Career Karwan is celebrating the month of independence in its true spirit. They have been covering various educational events and interviewing many famous personalities of Pakistan since the beginning of the month which can be proven beneficial for the youth of Pakistan as the youth is the most precious asset of the nation. The interviews series launched by Career Pakistan can be viewed on

Team of Career Karwan has interviewed Secretary General of Karwan-e-ilm foundation and a member of Pakistan movement Dr. Ijaz Hassan Qureshi who has actively participated in the freedom movement as a student of Ali Garh University. Talking about his experience he said that when Pakistan was achieved muslims of the sub-continent got freedom from two masters, one from British and the other from the Hindus and it was happened first time in the history when a nation has got freedom from two master nations at once. Sharing his views on significance of a free separate homeland he said that both the nations of muslims and hindus were different from each other in their perspectives and practices, things that are forbidden for one are allowed to the other and because of the majority of the hindus in sub-continent the hindus were dominating the lives of the muslims. In the end he said that the youth should study and analyze the literature of culture of India to identify their enemity towards muslims and how they are struggling day in and day out to convince the youth of Pakistan through the medium of their TV programmes and films that the separation between India and Pakistan is temporary while in reality they cant tolerate the fact that Pakistan is surviving as strong and stable country and trying their best to make the survival of Pakistan difficult on the map of the world.

The team of Career Karwan has also interviewed Senior Column Writer Mr. Rauf Tahir who has shared his views about brilliancy of youth of Pakistan, he shared experience of seeing Pakistani students performing better than the students of many other country of the world and how he sees a sheer abundance of bravery and courage in the youth of Pakistan. Talking about the capabilities of youth of Pakistan he said that youth of Pakistan has proven their abilities whenever favourable circumstances are provided to the. Mr. Rauf Tahir has shared his views on recent political activities of the politicians of Pakistan by saying that every political activity is basically a good activity and every responsible leader tries to organize his political movements in accordance with the law and constitution of the country.

Team Career Karwan interviewed Senior Journalist, Writer and Executive Editor Daily Pakistan online Mr. Shahid Nazir Chaudhary as well who shared his views regarding independence day by saying that human beings have a great sense of importance for the desire of freedom, he further added that the celebration of independence day used to be no less than the celebration of eid for as a child. Talking about the honour and dignity of flag of Pakistan he said that his parents has taught him about the significance of honouring the flag of Pakistan since childhood and how he has conveyed the pass lesson to his children. He also talked about the role of his parents and society in invoking the spirit of patriotism in him. Talking about the role of media the Senior Journalist Mr. Shahid Nazir Chadhary said that it is the duty of media to design the programmes by keeping cognizance of the substance which can invoke the spirit of patriotism in the youth and they should avoid the substance which can encourage the youth to follow perversive  path.

 Famous Column writer and Poet Mr. Gull-e-Nukhaiz Akhtar when asked that why the spirit of patriotism is shown more on 14th August and not on the rest of the days of the years he answered that the fact that we were blessed with independence on the date of 14th August elevates our spirit of patriotism and we as a nation come together in celebrating the day of independence, talking about the sacrifices of our ancestors in the struggle for freedom he said that sacrifices of our elders should never be forgotton and if even forget those sacrifices we will lose our right to be known as Pakistanis. In the end of the interview he requested the youth to build their interest in reading good books he requested the youth to come out of facebook and concentrate on real books instead.

Team Career Karwan also interviewed Senior Analyst and Column Writer Mr. Salman Abid, while sharing his views on independence he said that the true meaning of freedom can be understood only by those who have experience the slavery themselves and none will want his family or tribe to live a life in slavery. He further said that it is the role of media and educational bodies of the country to provide the youth with knowledge of how Pakistan was achieved, what kind of sacrifices were made in achieving this precious land of independence and how people were robbed of their wealth and their lives in the struggle for achieving free homeland.

These interviews can be views on the facebook page of Career Karwan we hope that the interviews will be proven beneficial for the viewers and will invoke the spirit of patriotism and the memory of struggle for separate homeland in their minds.

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