Cambridge University will have no classes in 2020

It has announced by the Cambridge university that this year, there will no face to face lectures until the summer of 2021 due to pandemic COVID – 19. Cambridge is the first university in United Kingdom to announce such a massive decision. The statement issued by the university said that they are constantly adapting to the challenging situation emerging at a global level. However, the lectures and classes will be continued using distant learning platforms.

More importantly, teaching in groups can be done at a later stage but with practicing social distancing. The policy statement regarding the conduct of exams has also been released by the university which states that all exams will be conducted on its due time but for the first time, the conduction will be carried out online. Government of UK is looking to open up primary schools from 1st June, although, it has been challenged by local councils by keeping Cambridge’s decision as a major safety measure taken by institute of such stature. Lastly, UK still remains to be at epicenter of the deadly virus with death toll reaching 50,000 this week.


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