Cambridge announces grading system for O/A Levels students

All O Levels and A Levels students were to appear in the regular examination scheduled in the month of May and June but were cancelled by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) owing to the pandemic of COVID – 19. Following the announcement of cancellation, it was made loud and clear that students will be awarded marks by their respective schools. However, CAIE has now proposed 4 step process which will be used for evaluation of students.

Step 1

Teachers will predict a grade for their students individually based on their performance in assignments, school exams and other classwork.

Step 2

The ranking of students will be done separately in each subject and a different grade can be awarded from one subject to the other.

Step 3

All the grades awarded by the teachers will be reviewed by Head of the center and after its confirmation by head of center, they will be forwarded to CAIE.

Step 4

CAIE will review all the grades of one center and will award final grades by looking at the data provided by the schools.

Deputy Director of CAIE for Pakistan said that we want to ensure a transparent awarding process irrespective of the fact that even if the exams are being cancelled. The grades in this year will be given same weightage as they might have had in any other year as CAIE wants students to move forward with ensuring educational continuity.


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