Book Launch at Lahore Press Club

Lahore: Lahore Press Club has arranged the book launch of “Sisakti Muskuraati Zindagi on 25th October 2018”. The book is the autobiography of Professor Dr. Mughees ud din. This book covers the interesting and shocking events of Dr. Mughees ud din’s life. He is Dean of Mass Communication faculty in University of Central Punjab.

The cheif guest of the ceremony is Mr. Liaquat Baloch.The other key speakers include Mr. Atta ur Rehman, Mr. Rauf Tahir, Mr. Qayoom Nizami, Mr. Hussain Pracha, Mrs. Anjum Zia, Mr. Azam Chaudhary, Mr. Naseem Qureshi, Mr. Abdul Majeed sajid , Mr.Zahir Bilal and Mr. Fahad Shehbaz Khan. The ceremony is to be held at Lahore Press Club on 25th October at 2:30pm.



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