Big step regarding 5 thousand closed schools

It has been decided to open new upgraded elementary schools from the semi code of 5 thousand closed schools of Sindh.
According to the details, the Sindh Education Department has taken a major step and decided to convert the 5,000 closed schools in the province from their semi-codes to new upgraded elementary schools.
Sindh Education Minister Sardar Shah said that the upgradation of schools will be done in phases and the most suitable areas will be selected for it.
He said that these new schools will be built for the admission of 35,000 primary school children, as there were only 3,000 primary schools for 35,000 primary students. Sardar Shah said that how is it possible that the primary school 35,000 students would have been admitted in 3,000 elementary schools, so it was decided to build new schools from the semi-code of the closed schools.

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