Ban on cutting trees in educational institutions

Lahore High Court has banned the cutting of trees in educational institutions to prevent smog. Cases against the institutions that cut trees should be sent to Anti-Corruption.
Lahore High Court Judge Justice Shahid Karim heard the petitions of Haroon Farooq and others. Conditional permission from Prior permission from PHA is also required for felling of trees in private society.
The court also ordered to display emergency helpline number boards for traffic. The court remarked that such a system should be made to provide immediate response to traffic jams.
The court also allowed the transfer of CTO Lahore and DGPHA, while the transfer of DGLDA has been given conditional permission. Also ordered to make the traffic system functional
During the hearing, Vasa's legal officers appeared on behalf of Vasa. Advocate General Punjab Shan Gill requested the court to withdraw the order stopping the transfer of officers. The court inquired that what is the interest of the caretaker government in this, you have already changed the CTO and did not take action on it.
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The court inquired as to why the DGLDA had to be changed. Advocate General Punjab informed the court that the transfer was necessary due to some unavoidable reasons. The court inquired that not to change the specialized secretary? The court remarked that we know where the pressure is coming from. Advocate General Punjab said that Sir, you know that I do not take pressure.
The member environmental commission submitted the report on the implementation of the court orders in the court. According to the report, a report of tree cutting was received in a school.
Member Environment Commission said that PSL matches are being held due to which pollution is spreading due to running of generators. The court asked why you are not taking action to tell DG Environment, whether certified generators are running or not. The court remarked that they are ordering it to be implemented today.

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