Bad news for Punjab University students

Punjab University budget deficit, administration proposed to increase transport fares of students and library fees by more than 100 percent.
Punjab University is facing a financial deficit of Rs 1.5 billion. In view of rising fiscal deficit and inflation, the University Finance Committee has proposed to increase transport fees for next year. From next semester, the transport fee will be Rs 3,500. The current semester is being charged Rs 1,990 per student.
Now the library fee will be Rs.1000, in the past the library fee was Rs.400 per semester while the new students will be charged Rs.1200 as electricity charges which was Rs.910 earlier.
The budget proposal will be approved in the meeting of Punjab University Syndicate tomorrow. According to the university spokesperson, an increase has been proposed in view of inflation and increase in petrol prices. Subsidies are still being given to students.

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