Baba Guru Nanak scholarship for exceptional minority students

LAHORE: 31-7-2019, The Evacuee Trust Property Board has pronounced Baba Guru Nanak scholarship for exceptional minority students. The proposal was pronounced at the time when Pakistan is going to seek the achievement of the Kartarpur Corridor that showed Pakistan is a peaceful country.  Sikh and Hindu university students. Rs10,000 will be offered to brilliant students. Students need to submit their form to the Pakistan Model Educational Foundation Secretary before August 31. The forms are available on the ETPB website. National Commission for Minorities member Ramesh Singh Arora eulogized the initiative, saying: “I appreciate ETPB for such an initiative.” Hindu leader Arun Kumar Kundnani said that the initiative to launch Baba Guru Nanak scholarship for minority students was a positive step. Another Hindu leader Amar Nath Randhwana greeted the step, saying that the initiative would help youth play their part for national.

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