An Indian Woman Investigates a New Way of Multiplication

A primary Indian school teacher has introduced a new simple trick you will wish you had always known. She investigated a new and simple method to multiply two different values without the assistance of multiplication tables and calculators.

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In addition, one of her videos has got viral on the social media platform where she directs a new method of multiplication to the primary school students. She represented one of her creativities with no technological gadgets except the magic of black marker and a whiteboard.

Moreover, her intelligence has turned over the world into the marvelous riddle. No one can deny from the new discovery. She circulated a stirrer inside the glass of the globe through her pioneering.

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Mathematics has divergent divided parts including algorithmic, algebraic, and logarithm etc. These all divergent parts depend on the phase of multiplication. Subsequently, these would be found easier solutions after the marvelous discovery of an Indian woman. She joined her prestigious hands while planting new seedlings under the soul of knowledge seekers.           


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