An 89-year-old American woman has finally earned her master's degree

There is no age to read and write, man should continue to acquire knowledge as long as he exists in this world, this fact has been proved by the American woman.
It is said that passion has no value and if this passion is for the pursuit of education and it includes research and dedication, then no power in the world can stop this passion from being fulfilled.
According to foreign media reports, the American woman finally completed her master's degree at the age of 89 to fulfill her passion for education.
Amaar Khatun Danvin has received a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University, USA.
  According to Danvin, he completed high school at the age of 16, but his parents did not have enough money to send him to college, so he took some courses from a local college, but he could not complete his education after marriage. .
The American woman said that she completed a 4-year bachelor's degree from the university at the age of 84 after moving away from home with children, then thought why not continue her education and now has finally obtained a master's degree.

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