All Universities to conduct Online Examination


Higher Education Commission (HEC) conducted an online sessions comprising of all Vice Chancellors’ (VCs) and Rectors in which it was decided that no student will be promoted into next semester without conducting any examination. If the situation of lockdown persists, then all universities are advised to develop an online exam policy and shall immediately start their online classes from 1st June. Different recommendations were discussed at length including open book, objective tests and assignments or projects based examination. Although, it was agreed on by all VCs and Rectors that online classes will be started from 1st June.

All were advised to firstly, develop and then share the policy with HEC and students so that there shall be no ambiguity for any of the stakeholder. Chairman, HEC said that examination conduction is essential for rewarding the students, therefore, if conventional examination is not possible then online exams shall be conducted. In response to that, VCs and Rectors raised their concerns regarding internet issue and HEC answered by saying that all the issues of universities will be addressed. Concluding the meeting, it was asked to all the participants that their institutes shall develop an examination policy and get it approved by HEC. Furthermore, all universities shall also develop an admission policy and the admissions of all private and public sector institutes shall be made open at a same time.

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