All Medical Universities to hold MBBS exams

Government of Punjab had previously advised universities and medical colleges to suspend all MBBS supplementary exams. However, Punjab’s cabinet has now approved request of institutes for conducting supplementary exams. The decision has been taken after discussion with Punjab’s Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department. MBBS students’ valuable time needs to be saved, therefore, conduct of exams is now vital.

The promotion of medical students cannot be done without exams as education is highly competitive and sensitive. All public and private sector institutes offering medical education has been advised to act accordingly by following SOPs in order to curb the spread of deadly virus. Educational institutes will be inspected by a provincial government’s representative and compliance with SOPs shall be mandatory.

Conduct of previously postponed MBBS exams is now finalized, however, the official dates are yet to be announced. Last month, VCs and Rectors of medical universities agreed unanimously that no medical student will be promoted to the next year without any exam. Despite the corona virus pandemic, exams for medical and dental students are compulsory as per the Secretary Education of Punjab. University of Health Sciences has also agreed on continuing online classes for medical students with regular exams to be conducted as per schedule in the month of October, 2020.


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