All Madaris Examination started across the country under strict SOPs

Amid the spread of corona virus, educational institutes of all kinds were closed down which led to massive exams postponement and suspension. As far as Madaris are concerned, the academic activities were also at halt. However, a recent statement regarding the opening up of religious seminaries and madaris went public with now examinations to be started as well. Starting from this week, Wafaqul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan has started their examinations.

The madrassah says that they have and will stick towards implementation of strict SOPs for curbing the spread of disease. As an example of it, some of the facts shared by madrassah is that examination centers used will be expanded to a number of over 2,000 centers with over 1,000 people performing their various duties. As far as the number of students is concerned, they will be close to 300,000. Designation holders of Wafaqul Madaris Al Arabia Pakistan said that staff shall be applauded for firstly, planning and then conducting exams. Moreover, there was a dire need of exams otherwise students could have lost an academic year.


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