All Exams postponed across Pakistan: National Coordination Committee

Some special exams were decided and announced so that promotion of the students in current academic session can be managed. However, the National Coordination Committee (NCC) on pandemic situation has cancelled all the exams for an indefinite period. The decision has been taken keeping in mind the sharp rise in corona cases across the country with death toll raised to three figures in last 24 hours.

NCC said that this decision has been taken by keeping Education Ministry informed for the better interest of students, staff and all other stakeholders. Federal Minister of Education has been nominated by NCC to communicate the same to all provinces. Entire country needs to ensure the compliance and no one is allowed any exemption at all. However, all the online classes will continue as per schedule. On the other end, medical universities in Punjab have been advised to hold supplementary exams which creates confusion among the general public and students at large.


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