All Board Exams Cancelled

Ministry of Education has announced that all board exams are cancelled with immediate effect. The students, parents and educational institutes across the country were looking anxiously towards the press briefing. Recommendations by various provincial educational boards were forwarded to Ministry of Education for its approval. Board exams were to be scheduled in the month of June or July as per the revised schedule, however, these decisions were based on assessing the current situation of corona virus in the country. Government had launched the project of TeleSchool so that educational activities are carried.

All the exams for 9th, 10, 11th and 12th classes will now not be conducted for the current year. In addition to that, all institutes are also instructed to remain close till 15th July, 2020. Any decision regarding the opening of schools will be taken after due assessment by the National Command and Control Center (NCCC), Islamabad. Education Minister said that decision has been taken to ensure the safety of students as there was a danger of large gathering within the examination centers. Furthermore, the admissions of institutes will only be open, once the government declares them to open their gates.



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