AKU has constructed an alliance with America on the Artificial Intelligence project:


AKU has constructed an alliance with America on the Artificial Intelligence project:


Researchers of Agha Khan University and the University of Virginia have been started a work on the grand research plan. The plan would work on the intestine complex disease named environmental interact dysfunction. The credit for the cure of this complex disease goes to artificial intelligent because it is the main source of the solution and easily capable to find it.

IID has normally found in the lower class community and everyone ignores this factor due to the case of poverty. This disease normally presents in poor countries as like Pakistan because there is the supply of polluted water and everyone utilizes for his/her thirst.  This disease effects on the important elements of digestions while children are carried out the problems of growth, and nourishment, and many disease ventures are near to them.

Many scientists have practiced that how the intelligent computers would investigate the disease through X-rays and biopsy rather than great radiologists and pathologists.

One of an Assistant professor Dr. Sana Syed from University of Virginia and a Dean named Dr. Asad Ali from Agha Khan University are being installed the “deep learning” in these intelligent computers for the scanning of intestines. It would be helpful for the storage of huge form of data and beneficial for the investigation of the disease.

Dr. Asad Ali has told in an event that IID is lesser in the richer world rather than the poor world. He then would focus on the cure of this disease then it would be helpful for the remedy of all another disease like lack of appetite, and lack of growth in the children. All the momentous medical centers like Agha Khan University, University of Virginia, Cincinnati Children Hospital Massachusetts General Hospital, and Washington University have made an alliance for the completion of this mega project.               

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