Against and for, schools remaining close

The secondary school educators SSE, are contacting the main leaders of the regularization movement Kasim Bukhari, Shahzad Manwar, Khazar Hayat Watu, Zeshan Apal, Muhammad Imran, Aana Mustafa, and Gulam Fareed. After a long telephonic discussion has come to the conclusion due to the Corona Virus, that eleven thousand secondary school educators of Punjab will be presented in the front of the assembly on 2 April 2020 in form of a struggle as a sit-protest. In addition to the aforementioned, they have also said, in this time of the divine test and hardships teachers are standing with the people affected by the Corona Virus and their family shoulder to shoulder, and are ready to sacrifice anything for them. They have also decided that when certain circumstances get better, they will turn their intensity down but nonetheless will continue.


Those secondary educators that will be yet to reach a contract may, with their district, contact their authorities to help with their issues and this ought to in far future solve the complex issue through conversation. Their appeals are to regularize all secondary educators and their assistant officers.


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