Acumen Fellowship Program invites for the Session of “Rise to the Challenge”

Acumen Fellowship is going to start “Rise to the Challenge” with Acumen Pakistan Fellows in Lahore, looking for extraordinary leaders committed to driving challenge in their communities to join the next cohort of Acumen Fellows. In addition, the participant’s applications for joining the resilience session will be closed until September 9, 2018.

The session will start with an introduction to the Pakistan Fellows Program. The participants will have an opportunity to meet fellows and get to know about their journeys through the Fellowship Program.

Consequently, the resilience manifesto of Acumen Regional or Pakistani fellows is to tackle the most challenging social issues by starting with their own issues. The Acumen Fellows Program is Catalyzed moral leadership to drive social change.    

Acumen Fellowship program brings out the resistant corpus against the human development and human behavior. They work for children, focused on their various issues, including education, health, sexual harassment,  rape, kidnapping, extortion, and prostitution, Subsequently, these issues born huge challenges for Acumen Fellows. In a meanwhile, they accept the anti-social challenges and try to solve with the concrete effort.   

Acumen Fellows Program is currently offered in Colombia, East Africa, West Africa, India, and Pakistan. For the further details, everyone can check on the official website ( of  Acumen Fellowship program.  

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