A World Free from Fear, The Digital Exhibition

Islamabad: The Digital Art Exhibition was arranged at the Pakistan National Council of Arts by Oxfam in Pakistan. The focus of the exhibition was the women empowerment, harassment, and security.

The imaginations in the artwork displayed various images where the women and young girls can live fearlessly in a violence-free world. the artworks were submitted in the international competition in November 2018. Out of 100 images, the exhibition displayed the top 21 entries. The judges of shortlisted artworks were Samar Minallah and Nigar Nazar.

The Australian High Commissioner Margaret Adamson opened the exhibition in Islamabad. She informed the attendees that Australia and Pakistan are working together to protect and advance women right and support the victims of women who have faced violence on the basis of gender. Further, she said“Australia is supporting Oxfam’s ‘She Can Lead’ programme to increase women’s participation in the democratic process. More women in leadership roles will promote gender equality, vibrant society, and a strong economy in Pakistan,”

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