A University finds solution to Testing Kits in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with population of possibly close to or even exceeding 220 million. The current statistics of the government shows that less than 1% of the population is being tested for determining the presence of virus within themselves. However, this is due to the shortage of testing kits in the country. Nevertheless, University of Lahore has suggested to conduct maximum tests through Smart Sample Pooling. The same solution is highlighted by an international study as well.

This method is based on collecting blood samples from a group of people and testing them collectively. The positivity or negativity of results will mean that either one or no one in a particular group is having virus. In this way, the presence of virus can be checked in a group level and one testing kit can be used to test 10 – 20 people collectively. There are certain challenges to its accuracy but researchers prove it to be one of the best solutions available in the global space.


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