A great step towards quality education in Waziristan

Students of Quaid-e-Azam Primary Public School located near Pak-Afghan Bard in North Waziristan became able to deliver speeches in Urdu and English.
The school, which was closed for 6 years due to unrest in Sargli Bangidar village of Ghulam Khan tehsil, became operational 6 months ago.
According to the government officials, Major General Muhammad Naeem Akhtar after visiting the remote area made this school functional 6 months ago considering the ability of the children.
In the school, 3 graduate teachers from Pak Army started teaching the children.
Addressing the function held at Quaid-i-Azam Primary School, Muhammad Naeem Akhtar said that thanks to the assurance of the villagers, the lectures given on the efficacy of education and the Jirgas one after the other, in which parents talk to children on a daily basis, especially girls. The promise to send them to school was taken, today the number of male and female students in the school has reached 80, 46% of the children studying in the school are also girls.
On the occasion of the ceremony, the children surprised everyone by giving speeches and discussions in Urdu and English language.
The teachers of Quaid-e-Azam Primary Public School say that they pay special attention to the education of girls.
Along with maintaining the high standard of education, these children are also provided with books, copies, stationery, uniforms, sports equipment as per the education system of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.
Apart from this, pamphlets are also organized in the school while parent-teacher meetings are also held for the parents of the children.
Sports opportunities are also available for children in Quaid-e-Azam Primary School, while special arts classes are arranged in the school during free days to keep children's minds away from evils like extremism.
The elders of the area and the parents of the children say that if other inactive educational institutions in the area are also activated, not only the literacy rate will increase, but the children will also be free from the scourge of extremism and the name of the country and the nation will be bright. Will be able to.
On the occasion of the ceremony, Major General Muhammad Naeem Akhtar praised the students' ability and awarded them prizes.
According to government officials, there are about 1,000 public educational institutions in North Waziristan, but most of the primary and middle schools, especially girls' schools, are inactive and efforts are underway to restore them.

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