A 14-year-old student surprised people by writing a book

An O-level student from a private school in Hyderabad surprised everyone by writing a book about the daily problems and difficulties faced by the common man.
A 14-year-old student of the 10th class, Jawaria Asif, has written a book called Thirty Days of Feeling. In Jawaria's book, the mental health, depression, and problems of common people have been brought forward and it has been told that if no one is helping you in depression, you should fight with courage yourself. 14-year-old Jawaria wrote his book as a Completed in the year on which everyone is also encouraging him.
Seeing the writing of Jawaria, where the readers who read the book are appreciating her, the school principal, teacher and fellow students are also proud of her. Jawaria's teacher says that this effort of hers is a source of pride for us today. Writing a book is a feat in this age where children are engrossed in mobile phones.
Giving her opinion on the book, the fellow student said that people will start thinking positively instead of being depressed with Juveria's book.
In the book, the student has tried to encourage those suffering from depression with negative thinking and suicide, that instead of depending on others, they face the situation with positive thinking, then life can be easy and happy.

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