A meeting arranges on Thursday 12-9-2019 for CDA concluding policy to transfer private schools from housing areas

The Capital Development Authority (CDA), complying with orders of Islamabad High Court has concluded a comprehensive policy and mechanism to transfer private schools from housing premises. All activities and mandatory actions have been already taken in this regard. Stakeholders and relevant departments have been included to add their suggestions in the shifting means.

However, a meeting will be planned on Thursday 12-09-2019 at CDA headquarters. All representatives of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), Private Educational School Regulatory Authority (PIERA) and other concerned configuration will be present at the meeting.

For shifting private educational institutes from the residential premises, a comprehensive and transparent criterion is being devised so that all educational institutes could be equally accommodated. Through this mechanism, it would be ensured that educational plot would not be allotted to any irrelevant person or irrelevant institute. In addition, it would be also ensured that in future no private school would be allowed to establish in residential premises.

Federal Education Directorate (FDE), will also submit its future requirements and indicate the unused land and surrender it accordingly so that it can be reallocated for academic activities. Federal Director of Education is going to start a proposal to plan a mechanism through a combination of private and government institutes. It is also necessary to mention that Superior Judiciary had instructed the Authority to plan an inclusive mechanism and policy for the relocation of schools from residential areas of the city.


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