8 Research Journals of University of Sindh Upgraded to Y Category

Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is the sole regulatory body for all universities and ranks institutes in various categories. In addition to that, research journals are also ranked by HEC. The defining factor for ranking universities and their journals is excellence, repute and social impact. The journals are now ranked by HEC by Higher Education Commission Journals Recognition System (HJRS). University of Sindh’s VC said that years of hard work has finally paid off as 8 research journals have been upgraded to Y category.

Asia-Pacific Journal, International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities (IRJAH), The Shield, The Women, University of Sindh Journal of Information and Communication Technology, The Government, Annual Research Journal of Fareast and Southeast Asia and Keenjhar Research Journal are being elevated to Y category. Moreover, university’s research journals elevation proves that quality has been maintained and in fact improved as per statement of VC. This ranking will help the university and students at large as it will be highly beneficial for the repute and image building of the university.


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