5th Islamic Exhibition at AlHuda

Islamabad:  On Wednesday 23rd January 2019 5th AlHuda Islamic Exhibition was commenced at AlHuda International School. The two days event was organized on the theme ‘ON TRACK! Health, Sports & Spirit.’

The event was honored by the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi. He highly appreciated the efforts of the students and their confidence in presenting their models and projects. Moreover, the core idea of the exhibition was to emphasize how Islam teaches to develop critical thinking skills. In addition, the event also highlighted the Islamic preaching on seeking knowledge. It portrayed the concept of creating healthy balance in the life to walk on the purposeful direction in life.

Further, the event was formed on a unique model which connected Islamic with knowledge and connection with inner self and critical thinking. Moreover, some other dignitaries such as Interior Minister Shehayar Afridi and the senator Faisal Javed also attended the event. 

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