12 Feb, The deadline for Private Schools

Lahore: The Provincial Minister for Schools Education Punjab, Murad Raas has given 12 Feb 2019 as the deadline for the decrease in the fee. The deadline is provided after the orders from the Supreme Court to all private schools in Punjab for decreasing the fees.

The Minister Murad Raas stated that multiple complaints are received against the private schools on daily basis. The fee is increased and private schools are not abiding the Court’s orders. The schools must return the fees to the parents before 12th Feb 2019. However, if the command of Court is not med until 12 Feb, it may result in cancellation of registration of private schools. Moreover, he stressed the need of 7,500 teachers for the implementation of agenda of educational promotion in the schools education department. In addition, an SED is made to so that parents can directly complain if the fee is not returned.

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