“What the wind took away” Documentary by UN screened

Islamabad: On the theme of Human Rights the  United Nations Information Center and European Union Missions has screened the Documentary named as “what the  wind took away” by Helin Celik and Martin Klingenbock in capital city Islamabad in accordance with Human rights Day.

The Documentary is presented in accordance with declaration of 10 December as Human Rights Day internationally. The purpose of screening this documentary is to create awareness of human rights by the medium of cinematography that is through documentaries and films. “what the wind took away” is based on real life experiences of women from Yazidi community in the refugee camps of east of Turkey, it presents the tragic struggle of these women of fleeing from home to getting stuck in between home and desired destination Europe.

The ambassador of Austria, Nicolaus Keller and spouse hosted an Austrian documentary in Islamabad, before the screening the host provided their introduction. After the screening the members and viewers discussed about the issue while having refreshment.

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