Radiology History Taking, The Book Release


Radiology History Taking is a medical guide book written by Dr. Ayesha Mughees to facilitate the Doctors in the concern field. The book is released on the website named as The website belongs of a German company with thousands of books written by specialist writers from across the world.

The field of Radiology is not commonly chosen by medical students Dr. Ayesha Mughees has written the guide for new Doctors to help them understand the process of taking history of the patients who present to get their CT scans, MRIs, Fluoroscopy, Mammogram, Barium Meal, and Ultrasound & X-rays done at the hospital. The aim of the book is to assist the doctors in the field about the right practice to be followed. She has written several other books which includes , ‘A beginner’s guide to house job- Surgical Unit-I’ which is the 4th most widely read book at and  ‘Risque’, which is a message & lesson for the men & women out there.


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