HARIPUR: The district education office has announced the dress code for all girl students in Haripur.

Samina Altaf, District Education Office, issued a circular one week ago about the uniform dress code for girl students. All Principals and headmistresses of government schools ensured that girls will wear abaya, gown or chador.

In the circular it was mentioned, “Instruct all students to use gown/abaya or chador to veil/conceal/cover up their-self in order to protect them from any unethical incident,”

The Director of Education said, “It was necessary to protect girl students from a growing number of complaints of eve-teasing and harassment”.

She further said, “A good number of girl students have developed a habit of wearing dupatta or ‘half chador’, which is not sufficient to cover their bodies”.

She explained explicitly that it won’t be possible for the government to provide police protection to girls at every nook and corner therefore girls are advised to observe purdah or abaya for their security.

Giving remarks about the circular, Umar Farooq, a social activist and office-bearer of Rawadari Tehreek, said mockingly, “Instead of ensuring the safety of girl students, the authorities have bound them to dress against their will”.

Some of the parents appreciated this initiative of proper dress code such as abaya/purdah for the girl students while some other opposed.



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