Doctors Put into Danger the Life of a Baby Professor

A worldwide famous babe lecturer Hammad Safi, who started delivering, lectures at various colleges and private universities when he was only 11 years old. He became a speaker, trainer and a lecturer at a very early age who accomplished his PhD at the age of fifteen merely.
A few days ago, Hammad has posted the news about his illness on social media which went viral on the internet. He wrote, whether the test report about his health was wrong or the doctors were wrong. 
He told that a few days ago he visited hospital due to his abdominal pain where doctors recommended him tests but the reports were quite clear. After three days Hammad Safi again felt pain in his abdomen and he was rushed to a hospital in Islamabad where doctors operated his intestines successfully. However, on his recovery, Hammad raised a question, whether my health reports were wrong or the doctors were wrong.

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