“End Violence against Women and Girls” Seminar held

Karachi: The University of Karachi and Management Consultancy and Tranning Services had  organized a seminar titled as End Violence against Women  and Girls. The seminar is part of 16 days long activity for awareness about the violence again women.

The seminar was held at Arts Auditorium of Karachi University where the Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Ajmal Khan of the University said that tribal systems and primitive culture are the main reasons behind the rising violence against girls and women across our country. He further stated “We must develop a culture, which has capacity to raise voice against such issues and courage to come forward and stop these problems at grassroots level. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve the target.

While addressing the seminar Prof. Dr. Ajmal khan suggested that we must stop projecting ourselves and start working collectively as a community to root out the issue of violence on women with constructive approach to lead towards betterment. Moreover he stressed on the need to educating and awareness of the issue to the masses where as he said that the results can be seen in short time if we start to implement our preaching on ourselves first.


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