Children’s Workshop Ends on Tuesday 6th August 2019

 Lahore  Alhamra Arts Council Is promoting art and literature in children from around the country and it is providing youth with a suitable place and environment to display their creativity.

A children's workshop was organized at Alhamra Arts Council to promote their creativity. This workshop had been started from 29th July 2019 and continued till 5th August 2019. On Monday, on the day of the conclusion of Children Arts and Crafts Workshop at Alhamra, CM Punjab Awan Chaudhry encouraged the effort of Alhamra Arts Council for endorsing the work of art and literature among the young generation.

The Executive Director of Alhamra Arts Council Ather Ali Khan highlighted the importance of the events by addressing,” Our organization is working day and night for promotion of art and culture and encouraging the youth to show their skills”. Further, he told that total of 50 children participated in the workshop and acquired an opportunity of training of basic techniques of art and literature.

Our youth is extremely talented and competent. Such programmes and workshops will help them boost up their talent on the notational and international level

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