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All the information about Pakistan Air Force about latest jobs is available here.

jobs after Matric:

All the candidates having marks 60% or above in matric/ OLevels can apply.

Tests For Pakistan Air Force:

Pakistan Air Force is one of purest institutions of Pakistan where no favouritism, nepotism etc works. The selection of candidates starts from a written test. This test comprises three major portions:

i) 100 questions related to the general ability. For example, if a person is applying at the base of matric qualification he will be asked questions of different patterns, numbers, logic etc. 

i.e there could be a model question for PAF test like:

complete the sequence 3,7,11,...?

explained model question for PAF TEST

Here in above question, the first number is 3 then 7 

so, the difference between 3 and 7 is 4, similarly next 7 and 11 also have an interval of 4. Hence, this sequence is increasing with a jump of 4 so next number could be 15, 19 and so on.

Branches after matric in PAF:

There are two major branches of Air Force for matriculates.

Aero  technicians (Aero tech)

Aero support.                                                                                     Second important thing is

age limit: 17 to 22 years. 

 Training centres: Pakistan Air Force has one major pre-trade training centre at KOHAT. Name of that centre is PTTS PAF Base Kohat.                                                   

Further major branches are as under:




Anyone who is a citizen of Pakistan can join Pakistan Airforce if he/she fits the merit criteria set by Pakistan Air Force.

Different Branches demand different educational background. Matric , FSC, DAE, BSC, B.A, M.A(ENGLISH), MSC , MBBS etc.

Posts for civilians are also filled every year. Pakistan Airforce has her own cobblers, barbers, Tailors, cooks etc.

There are different selection centers:

There are numerous other career opportunities in Pakistan Air Force.

Educations Branch:

Many graduates find it very prestigious to join PAF.

There are three major subjects which are demanded in Pakistan Airforce Mathematics, physics and English.

Place of posting:  Mostly Kohat, Karachi and Sargodha are major places of posting. Any person selected as an education instructor is given the rank of ASSISTANT WARRANT OFFICER.   this is a soluting authority. Any person with shoulder ranks is the soluting authority. 

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