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Daily Jang Newspaper Pakistan is an Urdu Newspaper based in Pakistan.This oldest newspaper of Pakistan in continuous publication since its foundation in 1939. The Daily Jang is published by the Jang Group of the newspaper. This paper current Group Chief Executive & Editor-in-Chief is Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. Daily Jang has a circulation of over 8 lac copies per day. 
Every company prefer to advertise their job vacancies in Jang Newspaper due to the vast audience across Pakistan. Every Sunday Jang Newspaper has a great number of jobs announcing in different public and private organizations. It may be hectic for fresh graduates or others who are looking for jobs to go through all the jobs of Jang newspaper on the same day.
So here we are providing you with an opportunity to view all Jang Newspaper Job Advertisements freely. You don’t need to worry if you need to explore any new or old job advertisement of Jang Newspaper. Here you can explore. Use the upper mentioned search option for further sorting of your desired job.

Jobs in Faisalabad are one of the most searched jobs in the country because of the developing industries of Faisalabad. Faisalabad is one of the largest cities of Pakistan and its infrastructure is developing with the passage of time. Faisalabad city is known as “Textile Hub” because of its capacity to produce a huge amount of exportable fabric and garments. The city also generates revenue worth billions of dollars, every year.  In the city, private jobs in Faisalabad are high in demand as the industries in the city attract millions of people to work. Hundreds and thousands of people have migrated to the city in order to get a better life opportunities. Jobs in Faisalabad have employed millions of people who work hard to earn their livelihood.

Private jobs 

Jobs in Faisalabad are the center of attraction for millions of eligible people across Pakistan. Faisalabad’s population is one of the most struggling and hardworking people in the country. Faisalabad is the one of the largest cities of Pakistan with the migration of the people across the country. Apart from jobs in Faisalabad, the city contains a lot of better opportunities and facilities to attract the people from the division.  

Latest jobs 

Jobs in Faisalabad include jobs in many banks and industries. These jobs in banks include jobs Habib Bank (HBL), jobs in MCB, jobs in Punjab Bank, jobs in National Bank, jobs in Meezan bank, jobs in Bank Alfalah and jobs in Askari Bank. Jobs in Faisalabad also include jobs in schools, jobs in colleges and jobs in universities of the city. The city’s jobs also include jobs in hospitals, jobs in offices, jobs in superstores, jobs in restaurants and jobs in textile mills. The opportunities in city in educational field are also quite vast with jobs in Faisalabad board. 

Today’s jobs

Jobs in Faisalabad also include private jobs in Faisalabad and government jobs in Faisalabad city and adjacent areas. Millions of people fix their eyes on this textile hub of the country to find some good job. Job opportunities in Faisalabad are increasing and it has become the industrial hub of Pakistan with improved industrial sector. Private jobs in Faisalabad include management jobs, medical jobs, engineering jobs, jobs in construction companies and jobs in mills.


Jobs in Faisalabad also include technical jobs as there are hundreds and thousands of jobs in the city. There are also hundreds and thousands of government jobs in Faisalabad city as well as the adjacent areas. Government jobs in Faisalabad include jobs in government hospitals, jobs in government colleges, jobs in government schools and jobs in government transport. Government jobs in Faisalabad also include jobs in Karachi police and jobs in fire brigade.

Jobs in Faisalabad are quite in demand where hundreds and thousands of people come to the city to find a good job. This migration has increased the population of the city as well. Jobs in Faisalabad are increasing every day with the development of industry and textile mills. It has made the city, a city of dreams and good lifestyle.


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