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Information Technology

Information Technology is making its roots stronger with the progress of science and technology and people have keen interest working as IT specialists or in any aspect of IT.

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Information technology, often reduced to the IT level, is a phrase that you probably heard when you encountered IT personnel or attended school for something related to computers. IT professionals are highly specialized in their field, and that's probably why they are often called "cretins". They like what they do and understand it both inside and outside. IT professionals are also important for any modern business model. If the company relies on telephones and e-mail, there is a possibility that an IT specialist is behind it, making sure that the screws in the machine are functioning properly.
So, what is the real benefit from the behind-the-scenes technological vitality of the company? Excellent salary is your reward, most often. As the economy gains momentum and new jobs open, expect IT requirements to be as extensive as ever. Curiously, what could you do and how much will someone pay you for it? Consider these 10 leading fields and their average salary range.
1. IT Consultant
Rating 13 in the list of the most recent best vacancies in CNN in America, the work of an IT consultant is so vague as it seems. In this position, your task is to evaluate systems and conduct a study that no one fully understands. According to CNN, each of the local startups, Fortune 500 companies need IT consultants to help them understand the cheapest and fastest ways to manage computers.
Education: A bachelor's degree in computer science definitely helps, like most positions on this list. CNN also recommends that an IT consultant specialize in a niche category to help focus on the experience that he or she receives.
Salary: 96,400 dollars, according to CNN.
2. Cloud architect
Of course, you've heard of cloud computing. Although this storage space, existing on the air, can not be affected literally, it still needs to be organized and obtained architecture. For this purpose this work is intended.
Education: bachelor's degree.
Salary: 112 000 US dollars, which makes it one of the highest paid IT jobs.
3. Computer forensic investigator
Computer criminal detectives. The best schools report that computer forensic investigators are looking for, identifying and evaluating information from computer systems, often for trial proof.
Education: TBS says that you will need a degree in computer forensics, information security or cybersecurity. Certification from the computer also helps.
Salary: $ 64,000 according to TBS.
4. Specialist in the field of health
Healthcare IT is a blooming area, especially with major changes in the healthcare field in connection with the Law on Accessible Assistance and the gradual transition to electronic medical records. According to TBS, IT health professionals will mix knowledge in computer technology, but special specialties in coding, billing and cancer registration are also in demand.
Education: While some IT work in the health sector requires only an associated degree and / or certification, technical supervision positions require a bachelor's and master's degree.
Salary: $ 45,000, according to TBS.
5. The developer of mobile applications
Most likely, you and most people you know have smartphones and / or tablet computers. According to CareerRealism, the use of mobile technology is expected to exceed personal computers in 2013, so companies rely more on IT professionals with experience in this area than ever before. Using the basic encoding languages, developers will create programs for future iOS devices and Android.
Education: Bachelor's in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Mobile Computers or related fields, according to TBS.
Salary: $ 90,000 with a high growth forecast, TBS reports.
6. Web developer
Web developers are jacks of all trades. They create web pages, web applications and web content, but their skill set requires them to have an excellent understanding of what makes a good operating system, that the average surfer finds visually stimulating and how to optimize sites for mobile technologies, among many other skills, They also need to own web languages, such as HTML and Javascript.
Education: TBS reports that the way to web design can be learned through accredited degree programs, but many web developers learn on their own and use their "portfolios" to gain positions.
Salary: $ 90,000, according to TBS.
7. Software Engineer
How are video games? Want to create the next Facebook? It is for you. Engineers-programmers are behind all the programs that we run on our mobile devices and personal computers.

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