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People have different interests and one of them is the entertainment industry. Pakistan’s film industry is reviving and so are the jobs.

You can find the jobs of your interest in one place without searching different newspapers or other ads. All the ads published in any newspaper of Pakistan are available with regular updates. Look for your dream job here and apply for it at your earliest. 

They are everywhere. Singing jingles in the living room. Lining of phone screens. The population of the voices of podcast hosts. Coming, like Dr. T. Eckleburg with billboards. This is advertising.
But while work on driving attention may seem endlessly accessible, something strange happens behind the scenes of America's most irresistible industry. According to the government, for the first time in history the number of advertising assignments in the US is declining in the middle of economic growth.
Anyone who follows the slowdown in the media industry last year can expect advertising to suffer from such a recession. But this is a much more complicated story. Over the past three decades - even at the time when the Bureau of Labor Statistics is collecting data, advertising jobs have grown in accordance with the economy. However, today in the recessionary regime there are various traditional advertising tasks. The number of jobs in advertising agencies declined by about 5,000 last year, on the network, while employment in media buying agencies - companies that tend to focus on advertising strategy, rather than developing or shooting commercials, have not grown from 2018

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