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As an administrative assistant, you are responsible for the various records and organizational tasks necessary for the effective conduct of your employer's business. Your responsibilities will depend on your industry and the company in which you work, but may include:
Greeting visitors at work and visiting them during their stay
Answering questions by phone, e-mail and social networks and sending them to other employees when necessary
Entering documents at the workplace, including letters and reports
Inbound and outbound processing
Creating and maintaining computer records
Maintenance of paper files
Monitoring stock levels and ordering consumables as needed
Fulfillment of basic accounting duties
Booking of meetings, seminars and conferences, as well as catering for them
Taking minutes during business meetings
Coordination of appointments of managers and managers
Booking flights, hotel rooms and restaurants for managers and managers
Working environment
Administrative assistants work in office environments in a wide variety of industries. Many of them work in legal and medical institutions, public institutions, schools, hospitals and private enterprises.
Many administrative assistants share offices with several other administrative specialists or work independently in their offices, usually located next to the leaders they provide. Administrative assistants usually have their own computer workstation and at least one phone on their desk. They rarely share these workstations with other employees of the company.
Administrative office assistants work, as a rule, in a quiet environment with low voltage. Nevertheless, these jobs can become more tense at times, for example, close to deadlines or during tax hours.
Unlike many modern business roles, administrative assistants are rarely removed. This is because their role requires them to communicate personally with various employees, customers of companies and other business visitors.
As a rule, administrative assistants must work full-time, usually from 35 to 40 hours on weekdays. Depending on the type of company and their requirements, overtime may sometimes be required for these employees. Some businesses also use part-time assistants on a part-time basis or offer flexible hours. These options often apply to parents who may have to manipulate their work with childcare care.
Some organizations that work outside traditional work hours, such as hospitals, may require their administrative assistants to work on weekends, holidays, and late at night. Administrative assistants working in these unusual hours will often rest during the traditional working day. Working as an administrative assistant for one of these companies can satisfy people who prefer working nights or having a flexible lifestyle.

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