Colleges in Sargodha - Top Universities in Sargodha

One of the top 5 cities of Punjab province is Sargodha, it is 12th largest city in Pakistan with population of approximately 0.7 Million. It is a hub of Pakistan’s Air Force bases and known as City of Eagles. The first development of Sargodha was done in 1903 as British developed it as a canal-colony and was firstly known for the severely hit plague in 1904. Sargodha’s name was originated from the words of Sar and Godha which meant pond of Godha. The development of city was done under the supervision of Sir Charles Montgomery. However, due to presence of HEC Recognized Institutes in Sargodha, the literacy rate in Sargodha has been tremendous. The first census of Sargodha was recorded at 67.8% and according to the latest recent census, Sargodha stands among one of the highest literate cities of Pakistan.

Top colleges in Sargodha and top universities in Sargodha have helped in taking literacy rate to 80.5% as there has been a rapid increase in past one decade. Sargodha now has a status of one of the divisions and handles population of approximately 8.1 Million people. Sargodha has its own Boards of Secondary Education and Higher Secondary Education known as BISE Sargodha. There are variety of degree awarding institutes in the district including universities of medical sciences, law, IT, commerce, and engineering. There is a large number of private and public sector institutes in Sargodha with decent number of students for both the category of institutes. Education related to religion, culture, society, psychology, commerce and science is taught within the region of Sargodha and its jurisdictions.

Top Colleges in Sargodha include Army Public College, Cornelius Law College, Quaid-e-Azam Law College, Punjab College, Superior College, Unique Group of Institutions, ILM College, Airbase Inter College, Fazia Inter College, Iqra Girls College, Reader College, Government Ambala College, Government Degree College for Women, Concordia College, Polytechnic College, Hanif College of Accountancy and ITM College. However, an admission can only be guaranteed in these leading colleges by performing well in matric exams. The student base is very large and number of students are applying for admission in these colleges, therefore, merit of these institutes is sky high. Hence, only high performers are able to achieve this feat of achieving a seat in these esteemed colleges. The two years that they spend in these colleges are life changing experience for them.

Although, not only colleges but some the Top Ranking Universities in Sargodha have also been influential in raising the bar of education in Sargodha. Top universities in Sargodha are University of Sargodha, University College of Agriculture, University of Lahore, University of Central Punjab and Sargodha Medical College. These institutes provide variety of programs at Bachelor, Master, M. Phil and PhD level, however, in order to have an enhanced option, students also travel to big cities, such as, Islamabad, Lahore and Faisalabad. The educational activities have witnessed a spike high rise in educational institutes but there is still more room for development as far as university education is concerned. Identical to matriculation, performance at inter level is also critical as securing good marks in inter helps the students in getting admission into these universities.

The internationally ranked institutes of Pakistan are also planning to enter the market of Sargodha as there is huge potential of private institutions entrance. Earlier to 2010, there was a trend of public sector institutes but now private sector is matching them and probably a decade after, there could be more private sector institutes among the leading categories in comparison to the public sector institutes.

Education system in Pakistan is based on progression from one class to the next one, hence, passing in matric exams guarantees and admission into college education and similarly successful results in inter results in admission into university education. Students from small cities and villages come to Sargodha for the purpose of education and every now and then a position in secured by student of Sargodha Board in all Punjab Boards. The extra-curricular activities provided by the institutes in Sargodha are also exemplary. Sargodha has not only brought laurels for its city in academics but has been an active performing city in sports too. For all information related to institutes and their admissions, our website is the best to explore all such avenues.